Our Objectives

The objectives of the FMCCI are the following :

  • Contribute to the development of economic, industrial and trade relations between France and Mongolia, with the promotion of the relationships between business communities
  • Support the development of the activities of French companies in Mongolia and Mongolian companies in France, this by all means and in all areas, providing concrete support to businesses, particularly in connection with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of France, the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry French Abroad (UCCIFE) and networks run by the French government
  • Provide many services to its members, such as information on the Mongolian market, tenders, business news, research of business partners, organization of business trips and events, corporate facilities, legal and administrative support, communication and public relations etc...
  • Promote the exchange of ideas and access to economic information by organizing any event and disseminating any type of publication
  • Promote the image of France in Mongolia and the image of Mongolia in France
  • Assist the Mongolian authorities to facilitate traders, corporations and French industrial access to the Mongolian market and support their interests in this market
  • Assist the French authorities to facilitate traders, trading companies and industrial Mongolian access the French market and support their interest in this market. Our association aims to become a leader of the Mongolian economic scene, providing a strong support to the French companies wishing to set up in support of Mongolia, but also by acting as relay Mongolian companies wishing to relocate or establish relationships with french partners.
  • to be the single point of contact of French-Mongolian business community with the authorities in Mongolia: identify different needs and problems faced by members in order to perform relevant lobbying actions.
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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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